I miss this hat.

Killing it since 1991

This is my bio. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Thanks for making it over to my page. I realize that between work, avoiding your loved ones, and impending doom, it's nearly impossible to read more than four words at a time, so I'll keep this short. 

I'm a stand up comedian and comedy writer whose work is best described as dark and sometimes political. If you've seen my work, it's likely been in the form of a submission packet or a show that I'm trying to sell and honestly? Stop fucking around and hire me already. 

In December 2014, I finished my first month-long, national tour that I booked and produced with two other comedians. As #WalkofShameTour, we were featured in several spots on morning news, radio and in newspapers. It was so successful, that we did it again in March 2015, this time as Road Kill Comedy Tour. We filmed #WalkofShameTour and are currently shopping it as a docuseries through MadCow Productions. Before focusing on standup, I was a member of Second City Hollywood's house improv ensemble.  I've been in the Hollywood Fringe Festival, contributed to Mtv's Girl Code blog, wrote and shot a sketch for MetalBlade Records and was in a Klondike spec commercial that was a top 4 contest finalist. Personal highlights are having a story featured on the Tim Conway Jr show on KFI, and winning a Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction - a show whose podcast was recently named one of the top 20 podcasts by Rolling Stone, and performing in Tel Aviv, Israel. I also wrote the ad campaign for Thornberg & Forester that was pitched to 'The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore,' for Comedy Central. Most recently, I finished my first play, 'Women of New York,' this March. 

In addition to working on my stand up, I'm currently attached to four different shows that are being shopped. I'm also finishing up a pilot, a feature, and a travel accessory invention.  

I'll spare you the any hyperbole and just tell you straight up that I'm one of the smartest, funniest, friendliest, most hard-working people you'll ever meet, assuming you won't meet many of my friends. To back up these claims, I reached out to friends for quotes to add to my credibility.

"Lisa Curry...has an endearing stage presence and is not afraid to take risks." - Joshua Funk - Emmy Award nominee (for his work on Key & Peele) and artistic director of Second City Hollywood

"Caught Lisa Curry's stand up recently and I wet my pants...and it wasn't because of my incontinence, either. She is hilarious and shows a remarkable ease and comfort on stage." - Lorenzo Lamas - Actor and general badass