I miss this hat.

Killing it since 1991

This is my bio. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

First off, I made this site all by myself, so I suppose there is some sort of credit involved there that you should store in your memory.

Next, thanks for making it over to my page. I realize that between work, avoiding your loved ones, and impending doom, it's nearly impossible to read more than four words at a time anymore, so I'll keep this short. 

I'm primarily a stand up comedian and comedy writer. Sometimes I write sad things, too, but those things generally stay in a journal to be published when I die - more detailed instructions on that later. I also do a lot of storytelling shows, most notably, The Moth. Before I started any of that, I studied improv at Second City Hollywood, where I got to work with some incredibly talented people and go on to be a part of their house ensemble, before focusing entirely on stand up.

I've performed in small rooms and major clubs across the country. I've been in the Hollywood Fringe Festival, contributed to Mtv's Girl Code blog, wrote and shot a sketch for MetalBlade Records and was in a Klondike spec commercial that was a top 4 finalist before we were robbed. I've worked on two short films for the annual Directors Guild contest, won a Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction - a show whose podcast was recently named one of the top 20 podcasts by Rolling Stone, and performed in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

In addition to working on my stand up, I'm currently writing a pilot, a feature film, a book of essays, and am developing a board game. 

I'll spare you the usual hyperbole found in bios and just tell you straight up that I'm one of the smartest, funniest, friendliest, most hard-working comedians on the face of the planet*. To back up these claims, I reached out to friends for quotes to add to my credibility.

"Lisa Curry...has an endearing stage presence and is not afraid to take risks." - Joshua Funk - Emmy Award nominee and artistic director of Second City Hollywood

"Caught Lisa Curry's stand up recently and I wet my pants...and it wasn't because of my incontinence, either. She is hilarious and shows a remarkable ease and comfort on stage." - Lorenzo Lamas - Actor and general badass


*Planet Hollywood®