The Skinny:

Lisa Curry began her comedy career as part of Second City Hollywood's house improv ensemble. More recently, she completed two national standup tours, 'Walk of Shame Tour' and 'Road Kill Comedy Tour', which are currently being shopped as a docu-series through Madcow Productions. Lisa has since become a go-to talent for Madcow, who she has worked with on the development of three shows. In addition to writing for television, she has written a national ad campaign for Thornberg & Forester. Lisa continues to write, act and tour as a standup and is most definitely working on something at this very moment . Her work is best described as dark and sometimes political. Lisa is currently unrepped, save for her sweet and incredibly intelligent lawyer.


Intersectional as fuck
— Sara Benincasa, Author + Actress
Lisa...has an endearing stage presence and is not afraid to take risks.
— Joshua Funk, Emmy Award Nominee - Key & Peele
Caught Lisa Curry’s standup recently. She is hilarious and shows a remarkable ease and comfort on stage.
— Lorenzo Lamas, Actor + General Badass